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Public Law

Public Law provides the fundamental grounds and defines the relationships between individuals or legal entities and the state.  

The set of legal rules which constitute Public Law and its individual areas prescribe and determine the legal framework and the limits for state organization, operation and exercise of authority and action. This also encompasses legal entities governed by public law with relation to individuals but also among states, legal entities governed by public law and international organizations.  

The progressive development and increased gradual enforcement of state intervention has caused a broadening in Public Law at the European level through the collective attempt to harmonize local laws of the member states of the European Community.  

Our firm has extensive experience and knowledge on matters pertaining to public law and offers a wide range of legal services inluding:► public international law;► violation of fundamental human rights and freedom;

► compilation, drafting, review and implementation of contracts for public works with the state, contracts for public services and public supplies provision, that are in compliance with national legislation, communal instructions, as well as case law of national administrative and European courts;

► legal support to incorporations at all stages, for their participation in public tenders and provision of legal representation before competent administrative authorities and courts during the progress of offers’ evaluation and awarding;

► advisory and judicial support on issues and disputes for taxation.  

A very important area of Public Law is Environmental Law. Within the framework of sustainable development, the pursuit of a balanced relationship between environmental protection with the principles of economic freedom is of pivotal importance.  Our lawyers possess expertise on international legal developments in a sector of vital importance for the future and have the ability to handle issues of administrative or even penal character, in cases of environmental law. More specifically, such environmental matters arise from strategic exploitation of real estate property as well as the operations and activites of industrial and construction corporations.


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Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

V&A has a wealth of experience in the provision of complete advisory services to institutions, companies, foundations and individuals for dispute resolution and negotiation.

International Tax Planning

One of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities today, is to effectively manage local and foreign taxes.