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Medical And Healthcare Law

The profound influence of medical science in everyday human activity has had a drastic impact on human life and is inextricably linked with the protection of the individual’s personality and preservation of his or her rights.  

Healthcare providers are subject to the licensing and oversight rules of every jurisdiction in which they may practice. Civil, penal and disciplinary penalties may be imposed to medical and paramedical staff of the public and private sector. Compensation for acts or failures within the framework of civil law is due either because of breach in contract obligations or because of an offense.  

Disciplinary actions are imposed for offenses, such as discriminatory behavior, incorrect execution of duties, breaching of confidentiality through disclosure of medical confidential records, improper behavior towards citizens.  

The standards and regulations for medical malpractice differ slightly from country-to-country; even within some countries, jurisdictions may have varying medical malpractice laws.

Our Firm represents clients in the medical and healthcare industry, for:

► Issues faced by health care professionals involving civil, criminal and disciplinary litigation brought by the public and private sector;

► Legal representation before disciplinary committees and Medical Associations;

► Patient confidentiality and limits of ethical obligation;

► Issues of compliance and violation to the Medical Code of Ethics;

► Advising on medical accountability for malpractice.  

 The healthcare industry constitutes one of the world’s largest and fastest growing industries while it can form a significant part of a country’s economy and is usually divided into several areas including hospital activities, medical practice activities, pharmaceuticals, biotechnology and related life sciences. The medical industry is also supported by a number of professions that although do not provide medical services directly are part of the support and management of the healthcare system.  

Our firm offers to our health care and medical industry clients a variety of services in order to cover their needs, including:

► Start-up and organizational matters, including corporate formation, stockholder, governance, licensing and tax matters. Our firm has extensive experience in medical centers and institutions for maintenance of genetic stock and stem cells;

► Legal counsel to many organizations along the healthcare supply chain to help them respond to the dynamic environment;

► Drafting of equipment and supplier agreements, technology agreements including research & development and collaboration agreements;

► Preparation and drafting of contracts for professionals and employees in the health care and medical industry;

► Drafting of contracts for patient consent and confidentiality;

► Representing hospitals and institutions in disputes;

► Insurance recovery and counseling.


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Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

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