Practice Areas

Judicial Practice & Arbitration

Our Firm, with its long-standing presence in the field of active law practice, has developed a rich and multifarious judicial practice, gaining invaluable and guaranteed experience. Our fully qualified associates prepare, on an everyday basis, legally complex applications on complicated cases and, representing our clients, bring numerous legal disputes of significant theme and high prestige to court in Greece and abroad, on behalf of companies and individuals, either in attack or on the defense.  

In V&A we approach, handle and handle every day a wide range of legal cases, by applying the appropriate strategy, struggling for the excellent protection of our clients’ rights, the satisfaction of their claims, the judicial safeguard of their interests and their legal protection before judicial authorities, domestic or foreign.  Claims and disputes, deriving from all sectors of Law, end up for judgment in Courts or competent Special Authorities.  

Specialized associates of ours process thoroughly and resolve efficiently special legal issues of even the most demanding judicial processes of every type and degree.  

The firm's litigation practice covers a broad range of industries such as financial services , shipping and transportation, commercial, industrial and manufacturing, broadcast media, real-estate and construction, only to name a few.


other practice areas
Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

V&A has a wealth of experience in the provision of complete advisory services to institutions, companies, foundations and individuals for dispute resolution and negotiation.

International Tax Planning

One of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities today, is to effectively manage local and foreign taxes.