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Investments-Greek Residency

Invest in the European Community and in the free movement of capital and individuals by investing in Greece.  

Greece has significant investment opportunities arising primarily from its geopolitical position, its inclusion in the European Union and the Eurozone, its natural resources, its human resources and its infrastructure.  

In line with current trends and in an attempt to encourage foreign investment in Greece, the Government has set the foundations for the provision of benefits and now offers preferential immigration categories for business investors.  

The legislative framework for the creation of a friendly environment for the development of strategic and private investments has been implemented through the Ministry of Development, Competition, Infrastructure, Transport & Networks in collaboration with the Ministry of Shipping and Aegean Sea.  This framework  promotes and supports residence in Greece for investors and nationals of third countries (non-members of E.C.), through the granting of residency permits administered by way of exception to executives of strategic investment programs as well as to  foreign commercial-industrial and maritime companies that will be operating in the country.  

Simultaneously, there is a legislative provision in force for the authorization of special residency permit administration to nationals of third countries (non-members of E.C.) and the members of their families for the purchasing of real estate in Greece. 

V&A is committed to provide outstanding immigration services for business migrants, including professionals, self-employed entrepreneurs and investors and to assist multinational corporations implement their immigration strategies for both executive and regular employees. We undertake and handle all aspects of business immigration and provide advice to medium to high-net worth foreign individuals and multinational corporations.  

Our attorneys will also undertake the processing of all necessary stages for the issuance of the residency permits and are will be responsible for the completeness and submission of the file to the competent administrative departments and services.  

For  more information on specific classes of immigration incentives refer to categories outlined. 

In an effort to attract investors the Greek government is examining to  grand residence permit to citizens of third countries (non-EU countries). - See more at:

an effort to attract investors the Greek government is examining to grand residence permit to citizens of third countries (non-EU countries).


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