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Financial Crime

In a period of deep financial recession and ever increasing global enforcement, financial crime, also often referred to as white-collar crime, has become both intensified and increasingly more complex.  

Illegal actions, such as financial fraud, money laundering, tax evasion, securities fraud, bankruptcy fraud, contraband, crime of usury, are amongst some of the areas that the governments have taken increasingly aggressive postures towards businesses and individuals. Consequences from committing such financial offenses are in need of equivalent legal treatment. Officers and directors of companies are subject to intense scrutiny concerning not only their decisions but the overall business practices of the company.  

We counsel clients on how to establish and implement corporate governance programs, and how to improve business ethics compliance programs to avoid future risks.Our Firm, with experienced associates and specialized knowledge, focuses on representing and protecting our clients’ interests.


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Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

V&A has a wealth of experience in the provision of complete advisory services to institutions, companies, foundations and individuals for dispute resolution and negotiation.

International Tax Planning

One of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities today, is to effectively manage local and foreign taxes.