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Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

V&A has a wealth of experience in the provision of complete advisory services to institutions, companies, foundations and individuals for dispute resolution and negotiation. While the traditional approach to dispute resolution is a lawsuit, our attorneys provide advice on issues of wide legal scope and emphasise on the use of  negotation and mediation resolution mechanisms as alternatives to avoid time-consuming, costly and often exhausting litigations and judicial disputes.

Our firm frequently recommends  "ADR" (alternative dispute resolution) as a means to resolving and settling disputes outside of the courtroom and consults clients in drafting ADR agreements both before and after disputes arise. In situations where our clients have already been involved in a lawsuit but would prefer to resolve their dispute outside of the courthouse, we have successfully negotiated ADR agreements with adversaries whose initial intent was to resolve the dispute by traditional litigation. 


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International Tax Planning

One of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities today, is to effectively manage local and foreign taxes.

Intellectual Property

As Law of Industrial Property is defined the set of rules which recognize, control and protect rights for immaterial goods with reference to the field of financial activity.