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Commercial & Corporate Law

The direct relationship of trade as a forceful economic field, which is mediating between production and consumption, with the movement of economic goods carried out through multi-dimensional legal, economic and technological diodes, on a multinational level, made it necessary to introduce rules of law, institutions and procedures for carrying out the operations being undertaken.  

Trade and the commercial relations and transactions resulting from it, as a neuralgic department of every organised financial system and development vehicle aims in pursuit of profits, notwithstanding containing the threat of loss.  

The commercial and corporate law is one of the key areas for our partners in V&A, with the supply of an integrated legal assistance and support, advisory and judicial, depending on your specific needs. Our company, fully adapted to the current legal and economic developments, with a competitive presence, long experience and specialized scientific training, faces with professional consistency and absolute accountability every legal issues relating to commercial and current corporate law.

Corporate Structures

V&A has extensive experience in the formulation of innovative strategies for structuring domestic, European and cross-border companies and partnerships, and to provide advisory legal services for the planning and support of going private transactions, acquisitions, mergers, transformations and strategic spin-off transactions.  Our Corporate lawyers draw upon extensive experience in the areas of finance, domestic and international tax and structuring, labor law, real estate and other specialized areas to help clients assess the most appropriate company structure that will fit to their needs. Compilation and processing of charters and statutory documents, preparation of a wide range of contracts, legal due diligence and compilation reports, preparation, management and monitoring of portfolios for participation in public tenders, are only some of the fields in our private equity-corporate structures practice.

Restructuring & Insolvency

During the past years, financial restructuring has been gaining a new and important role in today’s increasingly challenging and complex business environment. The widespread use of financial restructuring as a tool of financial planning, securing of liquidity and preservation of shareholder interests has become increasingly important.  Our attorneys have extensive advisory and litigation experience for handling highly complex issues that arise in reorganizations, restructurings, bankruptcies, workouts, liquidations and distressed acquisitions.

Investment Incentives

The understanding of the importance of investments has prompted governments to issue legal acts of developmental character for the creation of investment incentives in order to enhance private & foreign investment.  Many countries including Greece offer generous grants, credits and incentives in areas such as the digital economy, energy efficiency, environment, globalization, innovation, sustainability and training. These incentives are usually in the form of subsidies consisting of gratis payments, tax reliefs mainly in terms of exemptions for payment of income tax on pre-tax profits , leasing subsidies and soft loans from the credit guarantee fund. Utilizing such incentives can create an immediate tax savings and cash benefits.  Determining that the company is eligible to receive a share of the numerous grants, credits and incentives available requires time and effort. Our firm prides itself on its ability to provide more than just legal counsel on the latest developments in the field and to provide business and strategic advice on how to structure, negotiate and plan all possibilities for businesses to take advantages of investment incentives that are offered through various programs.

Commercial Contracts

Our firm focuses on the business objectives of its clients and provides professional advice and services on a full range of commercial contracts. Our corporate team of lawyers utilizes the depth of their experience as well as rich technological resources in order to help companies and entrepreneurs at both a global and international level achieve their goals in a constantly changing business landscape.  The commercial contracts division undertakes and realizes the negotiation, composition, drafting and processing of contractual issues, covering all operations and complex trading activities of our clients’ businesses. Our substantial commercial expertise helps us address the diverse situations and business needs of our clients and provides a full range of services including: corporate agreements, customer and supplier contracts, franchising, factoring, commercial representation, sales promotion and distributorships, standard terms and conditions, consumer law and credit, sponsorship, contractual liability, licensing and technology transfer and development, commercial copyright and other rights, drafting and negotiating patent licensing and commercialization agreements, Intellectual property such as trademarks and passing off, domain names, licensing agreements.  Our corporate specialist litigators have extensive experience during all phases of implementation of contracts and have acted successfully on behalf of many leading companies in order to practically resolve complex disputes across a broad spectrum of clients operating in various industry sectors and disciplines.

Unfair Competition

Today's complex competition issues, as well as the increasingly complex relationships among corporations in a global economy in terms of conduct, cross-border transactions and contracting parties has brought about conflicts of interests and alleged abusive conduct by dominant firms.  Our attorneys provide high-quality and comprehensive legal support for the expansion of your business activities and undertake the compilation of contracts and legal documents that in are compliance with national and communal legislation on competition.  Members of our group also focus on your legal representation both at an advisory level and in disputes for unfair competition that may involve deceptive or wrongful business practices, counterfeit of goods and distinctive marks, theft of trade secrets, false representation of production or services, false advertising practices, unfair practices for luring of clientele, predatory pricing and other dominant company behaviors.


other practice areas
Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

V&A has a wealth of experience in the provision of complete advisory services to institutions, companies, foundations and individuals for dispute resolution and negotiation.

International Tax Planning

One of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities today, is to effectively manage local and foreign taxes.