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Civil Law

Differences of individuals at a level of recognition, conflict and protection of rights and obligations, are all the object of Civil Law regulation, which is at the core of Private Law.  

Our Firm, with its associates continuously keeping up-to-date and adapting to contemporary legal developments and current jurisprudential positions, provides global complete legal services and solutions and undertakes judicial representation of individuals and businesses on a wide range of cases or disputes of civil law, for any procedure and jurisdiction.  

Our specialized attorneys provide solutions both judicially and extrajudicially, and effectively and responsibly handle even the most complicates issues and disputes in:

► Law of obligations, of contractual, non-contractual and tort character;

► Property Law:   

♦ establishment, transfer and protection of property rights;   

♦ possession disputes;   

♦ co-ownership and division;   

♦ constitution and removal of collateral security;   

♦ usucaption of real estate.► Family law for issues of divorce, spousal support and alimony, custody and parenting time, post-judgment modifications as well as other contemporary issues of family law;

► Inheritance law: 

 ♦ devolution to inheritance and succession to inheritance;  

♦ minimum forced inheritance share;  

♦ vacant succession/ inheritance in abeyance

► Rental differences and contracts;

► Preparation and drafting of all necessary documentation for the inclusion of over-indebted individuals under the pertaining law for the settlement of economic differences regarding the restructuring of debts arising from loan contracts with banking and other financial institutions.


other practice areas
Extrajudicial Practice & Legal Consulting

V&A has a wealth of experience in the provision of complete advisory services to institutions, companies, foundations and individuals for dispute resolution and negotiation.

International Tax Planning

One of the biggest challenges and greatest opportunities today, is to effectively manage local and foreign taxes.